Questions are normal and we're here to help you answer them! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our couples.


How much does booking a wedding cinematographer cost?

The answer to that depends on several factors. For Dan West Films, it depends on how many filmmakers are present, how many days we have to film, the type of wedding videos you want, and how far we need to travel. Our base wedding package starts at $3000 and goes up from there as you customize your package for your wedding.

What is included in the base wedding package?

Our base wedding package includes the 4-6 minute wedding film that are seen on our website. You receive the full ceremony and speeches, along with 2 filmmakers capturing your entire day. This is all delivered on a custom engraved wooden thumb drive that we ship to you after the wedding.

What is your style of wedding filmmaking (Documentary, highlight, cinematic)?

Our style is simple yet elegant. We focus on making personal connections and telling your unique story. What we don't do is make simply a highlight film of your wedding day, rather we work to tell your journey in a creative and cinematic way. We want people to walk away knowing our couple on a deeper level rather then just seeing a wedding of someone. If you are looking for a basic wedding videographer, we are most likely the wrong people for the job.

Will you just film the ceremony or reception?

Because our focus is on telling  your story, we don't just offer a recording of the ceremony or reception. There are so many elements to the day that go way beyond what you see at the ceremony or reception. The wedding party anxiously getting ready, the first time the bride and groom embrace, the mother crying as she watches her daughter get into the wedding dress. We want to capture all these intimate moments that help tell your unique story, so we insist on being present for the whole day.

Where will you travel and how much does it cost?

At the bottom of our website it says, "Base in Minneapolis, MN. Serving the World." And when we say serving the world, we really mean it! We will travel to the ends of the world to be apart of your wedding day if you want us! Depending on where you bring us, you may need to pay for travel expenses such as hotels or flights, which we'll help you figure out and bundle it up into one single price.


YES! We love to travel and try to make it more affordable for our couples. We're going to California this year and are willing to go where ever. Send us a message about it and we would be more than happy to chat!