When Taylor & Jacob reached out to Dan West Films, I instantly knew this was going to be one of our most unique weddings. In the inquiry, they had put the wedding was going to be on their family island in Northern Minnesota. “This is going to be fun,” we thought!

To sum up the entire wedding day, it was a bohemian styled dream wedding. Seriously. Everything about the day was boho. The ladies were getting ready at the bride and grooms new house on the outskirts of a rural town. It had lush fields of wild flowers which is where the first look took place. All the bridesmaids wore flower crowns and had mismatched flowing dresses, while the bride wore a beautiful flowing white wedding dress. The groom was sporting a man bun and a maroon suit.

The wedding day was right in the heart of the island in wooded clearing, surrounded with mossy logs and flowers. Jacob was a woodworker, so he built custom archways and benches specifically for the wedding. Before the ceremony, the couple even had baby fawns brought to the site, a special surprise for Taylor.

And the décor! It was a vagabond delight.

This was the most unique, nature filled wedding we have been a part of and loved every second of it. There were baby deer, sparkler first dances, a forest ceremony, and so much more!

And the photographers we worked with, The Marions from Missouri, were fabulous. They specialized in bohemian style weddings and we were able to collaborate to create some beautiful art.

Overall this was just an amazing experiencing with an awesome couple!