Jen & Thiago were one of those couples that really brought me back to the WHY of getting into the wedding business. Why I love building relationships with random strangers and sharing in such an intimate moment they’ll remember for a lifetime. Why I love being able to serve others in the gifts God has given me.

Here is a couple that have a passion for life and love, allowing it to permeate into every relationship they create– especially their own. They live a life of servitude for Christ and are intentional in all their actions. 

It was an honor being able to film their beautiful modern wedding in Minneapolis. 

We kicked off the morning at the Hewing Hotel which matched Jen and Thiago’s personality perfectly: detailed, authentic, intimate. The sounds of giggles and laughter filled the air of Room 403 as Jen and her bridesmaids got ready for the day. The men were downstairs enjoying a delicious breakfast and preparing themselves for the big day ahead.

A few hours later, Thiago waited on the roof nervously for his bride as she slipped into her elegant ballroom wedding dress, putting on the final pieces of jewelry. As Jen walked over to Thiago for the first time that day, her smile radiated with pure joy and excitement for this moment. Thiago couldn’t even speak when he turned around. He just embraced her and broke down in tears. It’s first looks like this that really pull at my heartstrings. They stood there embracing one another for what seemed like 10 minutes, savoring every second.

What really struck me was in their moment of joy and excitement for seeing each other for the first time, they remembered to take a moment to pray and thank God for the day and the love they shared for one another.

The first look set the tone for the rest of the day, leading towards a beautiful wedding at the Solar Arts Building in Minneapolis. The venue was gorgeous! It was a restored warehouse with rich wood floors, strong timber beams, and exposed brick to boot. It was a wonderful open space for both the ceremony and reception, and the food by Chowgirls was killer!

My favorite part of the whole day was towards the end of the ceremony. I’ve never seen this before but loved the idea. Rather than doing a unity candle or something similar, they decided to wash each other’s feet, just as the Lord did with his disciples. What a humbling and powerful moment!

The day was beautiful, fun, and full of laughter! Definitely a wedding I’ll never forget.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Videographer: Dan West Films

Wedding Photographer: Jaimee Morse

Wedding Coordinator: MAVEN events / floral / styling

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Solar Arts Building

Hair & Makeup: Primped

Getting Ready Venue: Hewing Hotel

DJ: Bellagala

Catering: Solar Arts by Chowgirls

Floral: Luna Vinca

Musicians: MacPhail Center for Music