A wedding video is a beautiful option for capturing the moments that matter most to you and preserving the wedding day in a way that photos just can't capture. So how can you make your wedding film stand out and make it more unique? Here are 5 great tips for making your video stand out!

  1. Exchange notes the morning of the wedding. Many wedding videos incorporate audio/speaking from different moments throughout the wedding day to help tell your story. Writing a special note for your fiancé(e) allows for you to share a few intimate words before the ceremony, letting them know how you're feeling and what excites you about the day ahead and your future together. Reading the note aloud creates a beautiful moment for your videographer to capture and include in your video. This is a great alternative if you aren't saying your own vows during the ceremony.
  2. Have a first look. The first look is one of our favorite moment from the wedding day. Watching a wide grin stretch across the groom's face followed by a loving exchange always makes us smile and creates a perfect moment to capture your love for each other. It's an intimate moment that translates beautifully into the wedding video and is sure to be a tear-jerker. Take a look at our favorite first look video that won us a few awards!
  3. Plan a fun activity before getting ready. The wedding day can be a bit stressful but it doesn't have to be. Consider doing something fun with your wedding party the morning of your wedding before getting ready. One of our couples really took this tip to heart when planning their wedding, going boogie boarding in the cold Pacific Ocean and relaxing with some aerial yoga in the morning. Check out the wedding film here. Other times, the groomsmen play a round of golf or go on a group hike. Whatever it is, do something that's special to you as a couple, creating a fun element in the video that helps us better portray your personalities.
  4. Plan some time for the sunset. The last hour before the sun sets is a time we call 'Golden Hour' and it's a photographer and videographers favorite time of day. Colors begin to glow, the sky radiates different hues of orange and magenta, and images take on a new look of beauty. Make sure to have a block of time scheduled in your day to capture some intimate couple shots during this small slot of perfect light. In addition to beautiful photos, it is the perfect time to capture romantic shots of you and your new spouse for the wedding video. It's also a moment for the both of you to escape the chaos of the ceremony and reception to share a moment of peace as a newlywed couple.
  5. Get ready in a room with plenty of natural light. This is one of our favorite tips, from a technical perspective, that can really change the look of your footage from dull to spectacularly beautiful. Most would likely not take that into consideration when planning their wedding, but ensuring there is plenty of natural light in the spots you choose to get ready and do your hair/make-up or get changed can go a long way in the final look of your video. Natural light produces the best images by creating soft shadows and making your skin tones pop. Overhead fluorescent or incandescent lighting changes the color of your skin to create an unnatural look. It creates unflattering shadows and inadequate, poor-quality light. Even if there isn't much natural light where you plan on getting ready, finding a solo window to get ready next to will achieve similar results.
natural light vs overhead light wedding video.jpg

Whatever you decide to include in your wedding day, just remember to align your plans with your personality. Don't try to force something that isn't you. Incorporating unique elements special to you and your fiancé(e) will help tell your story and make for the best wedding day and video. Best of luck!