It's official! Dan Man Productions is now Dan West Productions! And I finally have an official website! I've been wanting to make a website for a while now but have finally decided to pull the trigger as I begin to expand my business.

If you asked me two years ago what I thought I'd be doing with my videos, I would have never guessed that it would start into a small business. I started off by making fun little videos with my friends and then eventually making announcement videos for my youth group. Last spring is when I made my first promotional video for Lifewall. I never really had intentions of doing more business promotional videos, but after some people saw Lifewall's video I was offered a gig by Community Services. And from there it's grown and keeps grown. 

My biggest push is now in Wedding videography and hopefully some commercial/promo videos for businesses. So if you know anyone who is looking for a videographer, send them my way. I've got the skills, creativity, and talent to create them visually stunning videos and I do it at a reasonable price compared to others. 

Hopefully I'll keep blogging as new events come up! Until next time!

Dan West